Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What You Should Know About Court Reporter Services Today

Court reporters are primarily tasked with the work of capturing the testimony given in court proceedings. Over the years, however, their role in legal proceedings has changed to include capturing of relevant testimony given out of court as well.

The information captured by court reporters is essential in any legal proceedings, making this professional a vital player in any litigation process. Read on below to find out more about court reporter services.

Types Of Court Reporters

In the past, court reporters were employees of the court system. However, this was changed, allowing for independent court reporters employed by companies that are contracted by courts to provide court reporter services. There are two main types of court reporters as determined by their area of focus. Official court reporters usually provide reporting services in official court proceedings.

The other type of court reporters is the independent court reporter. These professionals usually capture legal testimony given outside the court.


It is important to note that court reporters must attain certain qualifications to be able to practice as such. Court reporters are required to have extensive knowledge in language and grammar. This is because they are supposed to provide accurate reporting services in court proceedings that may center on just about any subject, from medicine to engineering. All nationally recognized court reporters must pass the Registered Professional Reporter Certification exam. The Registered Merit Reporter exam provides a higher level certification for court reporters.

Reporting Methods

Court reporters usually use a variety of methods to capture the testimony given in legal proceedings; these include stenographic, tape recorder and video recording methods among others. The professional then takes some time to produce transcripts of the recorded content. It is worth noting that the methods used, and technology employed influences the accuracy of the transcripts produced.

Court reporter Services Cost

In most cases, court reporter services are charged per page of the resulting transcript. Other common cost items include an appearance fee which might be expressed as an hourly or daily rate. It is worth noting that the fees and cost items charged depend on the services required as well as the individual court reporting company.

Both lawyers and courts rely on court reporter services to ensure that the testimony presented in court, and out of court where necessary, is captured and presented accurately. The above information provides an accurate view of what you need to know about these essential professionals.

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