Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How To Become A Court Reporter

A court reporter, also commonly referred to as a shorthand reporter or a stenographer is a professional who is called upon to ensure that all gestures and spoken words within a court proceeding are recorded to produce an accurate transcript. This is a courtroom official that has to be reliable, impartial and responsible. In addition to this, they have to undergo proper education, training, and certification to perform their job with expertise.

With a great employment and salary potential, it is not a wonder why more and more people are pursuing careers in stenography and reporting. However, before you embark on a career in stenography, a candidate has to complete a comprehensive court reporting program, which in most states, will satisfy the requirements for certification.

In the field of court reporting, there are a variety of career paths you can follow. It is, therefore, vital that you identify a given path of interest before you begin a court reporting program. Although all of these programs have the same basic structure, they have different approaches to preparing their students for professional certification. Some will prepare students for specific areas of court reporting. Others, on the other hand, will offer their students a more comprehensive approach.

Before joining the court reporter program, a student is required to purchase their stenotype machine. In addition to this students are required to purchase a modernized computerized writer for classes as well as software to be installed in these modernized computer writers. The student must also be prepared to take entrance exams for acceptance into a court reporter program.

When it comes to education, the path to becoming a court reporter is rather standard. To be specific, each must complete a court reporting program that is recognized. Where you obtain this education may differ as there are lots of institutions out there that are offering court reporting programs. So to get certified, you may have to complete a degree, professional diploma or certificate in court reporting, depending on the institution where the program is located.

Depending on which state you will be practicing court reporting, you may need a state license. Most states that require you to have a court reporting license have their examinations in place for assessing candidates for certification. This examination includes both a written examination and a skills test that is aimed ensuring you have the right training and expertise for the job.

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